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Elisabetta Govi (ed.)

Marzabotto an Etruscan Town


formato 21 x 21 cm; ril. bros.
84 pagine, a colori
ISBN 978-88-7849-021-5

€ 10,00
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This book on the Etruscan city of Marzabotto (Bologna, Italy), richly illustrated and planned for a wide readership, is not as a traditional guide, but emphasises and deals with the problems of its urban organisation, economy, daily life and inhabitants, whom we have begun, among other things, to know from their names, places of origin and social roles.
Foreword Luigi Malnati, Giuseppe Sassatelli - Contributors: Angelalea Malgieri, Giulia Morpurgo, Silvia Romagnoli - Translation Angelalea Malgieri