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Antonio Gottarelli (ed.)

Archaeology in the Upper Idice Valley. Archaeological and naturalistic tourist guidebook


Edizioni Te.m.p.l.a. 2017
formato 15 x 21 cm; ril. brossura
224 pp. a colori
ISBN 978-88-6113-097-5

€ 20,00
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The guidebook is part of a broader project aimed at promoting the Upper Valley of the Idice as a heritage and nature locality, stemming from the archeological research at the Monte Bibele site begun in 1965. The underlying idea is to provide an easily accessible reference publication for anyone wishing to visit the new Archeological Park and the completely renovated Municipal Archeological Museum of Monterenzio, where the finds are exhibited.
The guidebook is mainly concerned with the  archaeology of the Upper Valley of the Idice, with special emphasis on the more recent work done at the Monte Bibele, some fifty years since the earliest research. It also includes a survey of the relevant territory and natural landscape features which are instrumental in determining the history of this area.
This publication may thus be seen as the primary information media for a program aimed at fully promoting a wide expanse of territory. 

Texts by: Antonio Gottarelli, Annachiara Penzo, Federica Proni, Sara Panzacchi.
Translated from the italian by: Alessandro Passi.

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